Mathios offers a wide product portfolio specifically assembled to create complete solutions.


Our brand names include IDEAL (hydraulically pressed shaped items), MAT (dense, gunning and insulating castables/gunables ), MAT PLUS (LCC), MAT CAST (ULCC), MAT MICRON and MAT NANO (Fast preheating ULCC), MAT SF (self flowing LCC and ULCC), MAT RAM (ramming masses) and prefabricated components made of MAT PLUS mixes. All Mathios products are made with quality raw materials, incorporate the latest technical advancements in the field and are subject to strict quality control standards

The products are designed and produced in order to successfully deal with the demanding thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses and attacks involved all industrial thermal processes


Mathios Refractories S.A. fail-safe packing system
Mathios Refractories S.A. implements an integrated packing system to make certain its products are easily distinguished by end users and installers to minimize losses, energy consumption and ensure 100% correct installation.


Packing of products differentiated as follows:

 Green bags:  dense castables & gunning materials

 Maroon bags:  medium, low & ultra cement castables

 Yellow bags:  instulating and insulating gunning materials

 Red bags : mortars & ramming materials